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Diane Throws a Party to Penetrate Her Designs in Asia

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Last year von Fursenberg made promises to her loyal fans. A promise to throw a Red Ball in China this
year, just a week before her retrospective art and fashion show, “Journey of
a Dress,” which will open at the Pace Gallery in Beijing.

Diane with Jessica Alba

The much anticipated event was a black-tie affair that was attended by more than 600 guests. The guest list included artists, business tycoons, fashionistas and movie stars –
from East to West.Hollywood stars like Jessica Alba and Wendi Murdoch were in attendance as well as China’s own movie and fashion stars, Zhang Ziyi and Du

The “Red Ball” as held on the grounds on an old pipe
factory outside of Shanghai which is now home to the
studio of one of China’s wealthiest and most celebrated artists, Zhang
Huan. Von Furstenberg made sure that it was known that this was HER event.

Chinese lanterns had Ms. von
Furstenberg’s iconic design prints while vibrant red jars were arranged on the
grounds in the shape of the well recognized DVF logo.

This event showed what a brilliant business woman Diane truly is. She used her knowledge to understand how the current Chinese fashion market is packed with European brands. Diane, someone who has always been known as a leading American fashion character, knows it’s time for American desginers to penetrate to Asia. She sees the market and puts her hands on it immediately. According to her website, Diane already has two stores in China, one in Beijing and one in Shanghai. I think hosting her Red Ball is a successful way to gain popularity and get her name out there to increase sales and increase her presence in China.

According to Sophie Sheikh, owner of a boutique fashion PR company called Preo PR and author of The Pocket Guide to Fashion PR, one of the most important things in fashion public relations is  sending and receiving of products to and from your target media. She says in her book, “Remember, each label, sticker and docket is free advertising for your brand, ensure your products clearly exhibit your brand name. You are raising awareness of your label every time you send out a delivery.”

For this event, von Furstenberg utilized this concept with the chinese lanterns that had Ms. von Furstenberg’s
iconic design prints as well as the red jars  thatwere arranged on the ground in the shape of the DVF logo. (See below).

The beautiful decorations at the "Red Ball" in Shanghai

Written by Teran Huguely

April 19, 2011 at 10:49 pm

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